Below is a list of the questions we get asked and some tips we’d like to pass on:

Yes please, either ring us or use the online booking page on this website. We operate on an appointment only basis to ensure that we can give you the attention you need in choosing your dress.

We have a selection of approximately 100+ sample wedding gowns, ranging in sizes 16-32, and in a large variety of styles, so yes, we will have dresses for you to try on. Bridal gown sizing is unlike any other dress you will have bought. They are so different from high street sizes that you could be looking at 1-2 sizes of a difference depending on the designer, so forget the number on the tag and let us work on pinning the dress to your size.

As soon as you are ready to purchase you should make a start. It’s amazing how quickly we get from ordering, to the dress arriving, to the wedding day. Time goes by shockingly fast when you are planning a wedding. Ideally give yourself at least 10-12 months prior to your wedding date, and a very minimum of 8 months

We only have sample dresses, however most bridal designers will accept a rush order at an extra charge, but if you do fall in love with a sample dress that fits you on the day, and you’re happy to purchase that, might be able to oblige, or if it’s a dress which happens to be in stock with the designer we can get it very quickly. We always have a sale rail where you can find a designer dress at bargain prices, have a look at the sale page on this site to see what is currently available.

Most brides-to-be do a lot of research before they start trying on gowns, buying your wedding dress is the fun part of wedding planning after all. Please do bring photos of the kind of styles you are interested in to your appointment, but we also ask that you keep an open mind, and try on a range of different styles, as so many times what you like on you, doesn’t match the style in the picture, and you will only know that when you see them on.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get ‘that feeling’ in the first couple of dresses you try on, a lot of the time it can be a process of elimination of different styles. If the style you have been looking at doesn’t work out for you it is only because you have found another style that makes you look even more fabulous so try to embrace that feeling and let the previous silhouette in your mind go.

Each appointment is about 90 minutes, this allows you plenty of time to have a look around the shop and try on a whole range of styles. We promise we won’t rush your decision, and if you need to come back for a second appointment, then that’s fine too.

It’s best to wear a strapless bra and nude seam free underwear. Many of our gowns offer excellent built in support so you won’t need anything extra for trying on gowns.

We stock a range of shoes at Dreamy Curves, but it’s best if you bring your own shoes in the heel height you plan to wear for the appointment.

We would ask that any tan that you have on, was applied a minimum of 3 days prior to your appointment. That way we can ensure that our sample dresses remain in excellent condition.

We know that make-up on the wedding day is nearly as important as your dress, and therefore it’s not realistic for you to try on wedding dresses without any make-up at all. We would please ask that lipsticks and foundations are kept to the minimum but feel free to go crazy on the lashes instead.

It’s not a requirement, however if your hair is slightly curled or in a basic updo, it will give you a better idea how you will look on the day, but it’s a personal choice, so no pressure.

Well that is an entirely personal choice. At Dreamy Curves we stock beautiful gowns from €750 to €2700, so we’ll surely have something to suit your budget. Please let us know what your maximum price point is when you arrive, so we can avoid pulling a gown which is above your budget.

Whilst we are operating to Public Health advice for Covid 19 we can unfortunately only accommodate you and two special people (so max 3 in total for each appointment), we also ask that you don’t bring children to your appointment, and we will of course offer water or orange juice to the bridal party.

At Dreamy Curves, we work closely with several skilled seamstresses, who will be able to do your alterations for you. The cost of alterations is extra, and will be paid directly to the seamstress, the cost will depend on the level of alterations needed.

Yes, please make an appointment, you can either ring the us or use the online booking system.

Yes please do book an appointment, we have an accessories option on the booking page, and whilst we are operating to Public Health advice for Covid 19 we can unfortunately only accommodate you and two special people (so max 3 in total for each appointment), we also ask that you don’t bring children to your appointment