It’s a changed world after the emergence of Covid 19, and for the foreseeable future we all have to adapt our everyday behaviours, so to reassure you that we will keep you and ourselves safe during your visit to Dreamy Curves we have implemented some new protocols for our boutique.

We are following advice from the Department of Health and as such these guidelines will be updated from time to time as advice changes.

Do I need an appointment to come in?

Yes, we operate by appointment only, so brides, bridesmaids, debs,and accessories…you need an appointment.  The ‘book an appointment’ page has been updated for the different appointment times, but you can also email, ring us on 01 276 5500 or message us through FB or Instagram for an appointment.

What health and safety measure have you put in place?

First and foremost we ask that if you or any of your entourage has a cold (and therefore is likely to sneeze, cough or blow your nose), or indeed any of the Covid 19 symptoms please don’t come in to us, we will gladly reschedule your appointment until you are well again, likewise if you have been a close contact, we would also prefer if you deferred your appointment.

  • We will need to operate within the social distancing guidelines, so we ask for your help to adhere to this
  • We will only be able to allow 3 people in for an appointment, so the special lady and 2 friends/family, and for now we ask that children do not come in, we are very happy to have other join via videocall
  • We will be wearing masks for your appointment and we ask that all of you do too, please ensure your mask covers your mouth and your nose at all times
  • We have hand sanitiser available and will ask you to please use it as you enter the boutique
  • We have handwashing facilities available and encourage you to make use of these
  • We will clean down all public areas etc between each appointment
  • To minimise the handling of our garments and gowns we will have clear plastic covers in usage. This makes it easier for us to sanitise between appointments, but you can still see the dresses
  • We ask that only the bride/main customer browse the gowns, to minimise the touch points on the garment bags and ease sanitation between appointments
  • For brides in particular, getting into a gown is something we help you with, we will have the window open in the changing room, and we will minimise the amount of time we spend in there for both our safety
  • As we are asking you to wear your mask during the whole of the appointment, regretably we will not be serving any drinks at the moment

If you would like to video call your extended bridal party, we’ll plug you into our WIFI so everyone can be part of your experience.

All of these new ways of working are in place for your safety and ours, but above all we promise you the same warm Dreamy Curves welcome and a lovely shopping experience for your special dress.